2017 BANO Prize

2017 BANO Prizes supported by the Belgian Brain Tumor Support (BBTS)

The Prize amount is seven thousand euro (7000 euro) to be awarded to 2 winners (First Prize 4000 and Second Prize 3000 euro).

Each year the Belgian Brain Tumor Support will honor two selected physicians, residents, fellows or paramedics who exemplify a new contribution in the care or support of patients bearing a central nervous system tumor or in the field of basic neuro-oncological research with the goal to present their work in a congres.

The Belgian Brain Tumor Support is currently accepting applications for the 2017 Award.


  • Eligible candidates are physicians, residents, researchers or paramedics under the age of 37 years-old that are involved in the field of neuro-oncology or taking care of patients bearing a brain tumor including revalidation and psychological support anywhere in Belgium.
  • Candidates are in the process to present their work in a Congress.
  • Receipt of other awards does not preclude a candidate from eligibility for the Prize.
  • Submissions should include the following:
    1. Description of the work in maximum 10 double-spaces pages (including references).
    2. Curriculum Vitae detailing the candidate’s background, experience and positions, and listing all published or presented works.
    3. The candidate’s office and home mailing addresses, including telephones, fax, and e-mail.
    4. Evidence showing that the work is in the process to be presented in a congress.
    5. Previous awards, honors, grants or recognition received for the work (please state the name, nature, source, and date of each).
  • One or more individuals who worked together in a work can apply for the Prize.
  • No nomination papers or work shall be returned to the applicants whether or not the candidate wins the Prize.
  • The last date for receiving the complete submission by email (steven.devleeschouwer@uzleuven.be, President) is  1st November 2017
  • The winner’s name(s) shall be announced in December 2017 during the BANO Symposium.

Responsibilities of the Prize Recipient

The winners of the Belgian Brain Tumor Support Prize will give a proof of their presentation to a congress in the following 8 months after receiving the Prize.